1. Project “Jojos” : a font inspired by the Pictoplasma event for his idea, and the 90’s toy Jojo’s in his shape. The goal was to create shapes that can be either letters or illustrations, creating posters or else with a double point of view.

    ©Mosqa — 2013

  2. Castille and the Lying Sword, Captain of the Arlequin - 2014 Mosqa©

  3. Sister Bergamote from the Seven of Blacksmile - 2014, Mosqa©

  4. Danubia Vanupied, the Moon Witch - 2014, Mosqa©

  5. Fall

    ©Ondine Vermenot & Lucas Gilbert
    www.Ondinevermenot.fr / www.mosqa.tumblr.com

    Emmanuel Rey ran a type design workshop at ECV Aix-en-Provence: the students had to create a typeface for a music video.

    You can have a look here on this Tumblr created to display the results at the end of the week: http://avi-otf.tumblr.com/